Monday, July 5, 2010

More Pictures

We have now been in the Special Care Nursery for 9 days. We are still feeding and growing! Oliver now weighs 5 pounds 15.6 ounces and Vivian weighs 4 pounds 0.4 ounces. Today Oliver got his first tubby bath and Vivian moved from her isolette to an open crib. They are still working on bottle feeding, which is pretty much the only thing holding us up from going home. I would say Oliver takes about 1/2 of his feedings by bottle and then gets the rest through his tube in his nose. He just gets too sleepy to take the full volume of feeding. He takes 50 milliliters with each feeding. Vivian takes about 1/3 of her feeding by bottle, then gets the remainder through her tube in her nose. She too is just so little she gets tuckered out after a very short time. She is now taking 34 milliliters with each feeding. She still has the occasional heart dip lasting less then 10-15 seconds (where her heart rate goes below 80 beats per minute but corrects this herself almost every time). Last night Matt and I went home for the first time in a week to sleep in our own bed. It was beyond hard to leave them but I think it was good for us. Now that the nurses know the "ins and outs" of Oliver and Vivian, we felt comfortable leaving them even though we were gone less then 10 hours :)

We appreciate everyone's love and support and please know that we have received everyone's emails, texts and phone calls and have just been so busy it's hard to reply. Between trying to feed two babies, catch a quick nap, and eat...we've got our hands full, but we love every minute of it!

Family Photo

Vivian is sleepy....big yawn.

Vivian has her tube out to be cleaned and changed.

Oliver gets a tubby bath.

He really enjoyed the warm water and looking at Daddy.


The Ludwig's said...

Love the newest pictures Krista!! Oliver and Vivian are simply adorable. I cannot wait to meet them!

Joyce said...

These are great pictures. Both Oliver and Vivian are so beautiful...And they are changing some every time I see them! The days may seem long one at a time, but they will fly by. You guys are all doing great...Love to all, Love, MOM

Emily said...

They look beautiful! I love your blog and am thinking of your family and sending love from DC.

Pam said...

I just LOVE these pictures! Such sweeties! They are changing so much! So glad everyone is doing well. Hugs to all! Much Love, Mom