Saturday, June 12, 2010

Movin and Groovin

This week we celebrated Matt's Grandma Bobbi's 90th birthday!  I don't have any biological grandparents still living so I'm lucky enough to have Matt's grandparents who treat me like family!  I feel lucky that my babies will have lots of family including grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who will love them to pieces and spoil them rotten!  

I've still been feeling pretty good.  I am starting to run low on energy, even though I'm not working.  I'm doing my best to relax and keep my feet up, but like I've said before that's easier said then done!  It feels like I've been off work for 10 weeks, not 10 days!  I miss my work friends and the day to day conversation.  Some of them have gotten ridiculously long emails, text conversations and phone calls due to my talk deprivation and I for that I thank them!  My sister is done with school for the year so that's been nice having her to keep me entertained too.

We are headed back to the doctor on Thursday for an ultrasound and a check-up, I'm anxious to know how big our babies are!  Every time I go I fear they will tell me to walk down the hallway to Labor and Delivery and have myself admitted but we'll keep our fingers crossed that all is well and I'm growing these babies big and strong.  In a couple weeks I'll be turning the big 3-0.  I've said for many many years that I wanted to have kids before I was 30, but I take it back!  Matt and my mom have both asked me what I'd like for my birthday this year and my one and only wish is that I'm still pregnant with 2 big, healthy babies and that I have a nice low key day with some white cake with white icing :).

So in week 31 that babies are close to 16 inches long weighing 3.3 pounds (even though we know our big boy must be bigger then that!)...trying carrying 4 navel oranges, for me...8 (even though it looks more like I'm carrying a large watermelon under my shirt!  They can turn their heads from side to side and their arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump up with fat they need!  The babies are still moving all the time and when I take the time to pay attention, I do feel our little girl moving more then I use to.  I feel our little boy have the hiccups at least once or twice a day.  I haven't felt our little girl have the hiccups yet but maybe it's just because she's under her placenta?  I can't believe this pregnancy could be over in a little as 4, 5, or maybe 6 weeks.  I hope I never forget the feeling of the pokes, jabs, rolls or hiccups of our little babies.   Their movements, big or small, never grow old.  

June 10th, Grandma Bobbi's 90th birthday. 


Joyce said...

You will never forget...I still recall the movements when I was expecting you!
You and Matt and Grandma Bobbi look good in the pics this week...Does Bobbi have any great grandchildren yet? Are Big Boy and Little Lady the first? Love, MOM

Jordan said...

Wow, i can't believe you still manage to look so good with that huge of a belly! you're incredible!

Mindy said...

Ok so I almost cried at the shower this weekend and I always choke up reading these blogs...I'm going to be a mess when these babies get here! You look awesome and you two will be the absolute best parents. I look forward to taking 5,000 pictures of all of you!

Love you bunches,