Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third Trimester

We are officially into the third trimester.  It still feels like it's going so fast!  I'm still feeling great and looking BIG, to me I look and feel big but that I hope that just means big healthy babies!  Speaking of we went to the doctor today and had a check up and got to see the babies again.  Today I am 28 +4 days.  On ultrasound, our big boy is measuring around 30 + 2 days, weighing approximately 3 pounds 2 ounces, and our little girl is measuring 27 +4, weighing 2 pounds 6 ounces.  She is measuring in the 18th percentile and he is measuring in the 84th percentile, which the doctor told us is still considered "normal" for twins.  He didn't have any concerns with their discordant growth at this point and said he'd see us again in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to measure their growth.  My cervix is still long and closed so I no longer will go for every 2 week ultrasounds, which is good but because I'm kinda crazy I appreciated the quick peek at the babies every 2 weeks.  But that's ok, this means I'm tolerating these occasional contractions quite well and they aren't changing my cervix.  She is still breech and he is transverse again so I can pretty much sign myself up for a c-section at this point, but I've been counting on that anyway.  My doctor said if all continues to go well she'll let me deliver anytime I want after 37 weeks.  Personally, I'd like to make it to 38 weeks to grow these babies as big as possible but for right now we are just thankful for every day and every week longer these babies stay inside, healthy, growing as much as possible.   I've seen handfuls of babies born just a little too early who have to spend days and weeks in the NICU because their lungs are underdeveloped.  Like I day at a time!  Everyday is a good day :)  In week 28, the babies can now blink and they have eye lashes.  They are developing billions of neurons in their brains and adding more fat to their bodies to prepare for life outside the womb.  The cankles are here to stay along with the hourly bathroom trips...but that's what drinking a gallon to a gallon and a half of water a day will do with 2 babies sitting on your bladder. 

This week I had another baby shower hosted by my work friends.  It's always great to see my work friends out of our work environment, wearing everyday clothes, where we can just spend time catching up.  I must say, I truly work with the BEST group of women!  We had lots of yummy food, a cake I could have eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and received some wonderful, generous gifts for the babies.  We received a cute play mat for the babies to play on the floor with, BOTH of our infant car seats, and our twin pack 'n play!  Plus, a bunch of cute onesies, diapers, burp clothes, blankets, hangers, lotions and soaps, and the list goes on and on!  We are beyond blessed and it just goes to show these babies are so loved by more then just our families but our friends too.  I was beyond surprised and shocked and thank you doesn't even begin to say how grateful we are.  What a blessing it is to have some of these huge items checked off of our list!  I am beginning to feel more prepared. 

Matt and I purchased our stroller this week as well.  The pictures below are of some of our newest "toys". 

This is where the babies will sleep when they come home from the hospital, we'll have it set up in our room. 

The stroller without the car seats. 

The stroller with the infant car seats. 

The stroller with 2 doggies, and one infant car seat, maybe Matt could just put the other baby in the Baby Bjorn when we go for walks...the neighbors will think we are CRAZY!

The new diaper bag Matt got me for my first mother's day! 


Joyce said...

Love this blog and the pictures you included...especially of the doggies in the stroller. What a hoot! Love all 6 of you! Love, MOM

Mindy said...

The stroller, pack n play, etc are so cute. Keep growing babies!

Pam said...

LOVE seeing the puppy dogs in the stroller! Just too cute! So fun to see the photos & read how everyone is doing. Little Girl & Big Boy will be stylin' for sure!! Much Love, Mom/Pam