Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends, Family and Furniture

So it's been a very good week in the Hursh Home!  I had my first shower this past weekend and was able to see many old friends!  Matt and I were blessed with so many generous gifts!   From ExerSaucers to diapers I'm feeling slightly more prepared!  So many cute items I couldn't take a picture of them all or I'd bore you to pieces!  Just know we appreciate all the wonderful, generous, thoughtful gifts!  The other great thing that happened this week was the baby furniture finally came!  We paid a little extra to have it delivered and put together which probably saved a few tense moments and a lot of hours of labor for Matt and I.  (or hours of labor for Matt...with me hovering over his shoulder!)

In week 27 the babies each way approximately 2 pounds, the size of a cauliflower head, and measure about 14 and 1/2 inches long.  They are sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing their eyes and possibly even sucking on their fingers.  With more brain tissue developing they are very active now!  Their lungs are still immature but with a lot of medical help they would be able to function if they were born now (let's not get any crazy ideas my little babies!) This week for the first time I felt my big boy have the hiccups, it only lasted a minute maybe two but I'm 99% sure that's what it was and I'm about 99% sure it was him because I had seen them the day before on ultrasound and they hadn't moved too much from where they were last time we saw them on ultrasounds.  Speaking of, the ultrasound I had a week ago showed my cervix was still long and closed!  The babies were active with heart rates in the 130s - 140s.  She is sitting breech on my cervix and he is head down, her feet kicking his head.  They were face to face, very cute!  We see them again this coming Thursday and they will be measured again to check their growth.  From the number I saw on the scale this week, they better be growing :)

Aunt Mindy and Grandma Pam! (Matt's sister and Mom)

Granny Joyce, me, Cousin Josephine, and Aunt Amy

I bought Josephine some musical instruments to take to her Granny's house!

Josephine modeling her new hair bow!

The babies' wardrobe is getting much larger!

Grandma Pam and Grandpa Mike bought us this changing table/dresser.  (Zoe likes to sit in the nursery and watch me as I piddle around in there)

Granny and Papaw Bender bought us a crib for each baby!

Big Belly


Joyce said...

Making great progress in the nursery! And in the belly, too! The countdown is on! I went shopping again today...told the lady at BuyBuyBaby that I thought I'd be a regular! Love you! MOM

David said...

OMG! Can't get over how great it is to read this info about my future Grandkids! What a good documentry about Fric and Frac! No really their names will be something I am dying to suggest but Mindy says No! So I will keep names under my breath for now! Sounds like Krista's shower was a success. Matt is getting pushed out of the bed, poor baby! Love, Bobbie Jr., (Davie).

Mindy said...

The baby furniture is beautiful. Still not sure what those dogs are going to do when they're not getting full attention from you and Matt. I think they'll be just a smidge jealous! By the way....seeing the babies kick/punch your belly was SO cool. I've never seen that before and I got to see it for the first time with me future niece and nephew - amazing!
Love you both,

Auntie M

Mindy said...

P.S That picture of Josephine with the hair bow is absolutely adorable!!