Monday, August 22, 2011


The babies are almost 14 months old and my blogging has taken a back seat.  A back seat to life...working, playing, friends weddings, swimming, napping, grocery shopping, Matt's business trips and just life in general.  But, that's really no excuse! 
 A quick recap of the past month and a half.  Oliver started walking about a week before he turn 13 months.  Vivian, a girl with her own agenda, is still not quite brave enough to let go.  She's still content to cruise the furniture and push her toys.  They are happily still sleeping from about 8PM until about 7AM with two naps.  I'm going to hold onto both of those naps for a while :) they seem to enjoy them and so do I!  They are eating all sorts of foods, too many to count but favorites for both seem to beans, turkey or soy dogs, gold fish crackers, watermelon, mandarin oranges, blueberries, grapes, chicken tenders/nuggets, cheese, waffles and bananas....the list could go on and on.  They both enjoy drinking milk and water and primarily use a straw sippy cup.  Oliver has graduated to a convertible car seat and I'm still using the infant car seat for Vivian.  It helps me keep her safely contained while I get Oliver in the car.  Vivian has found a love for hugging her stuffed animals.  Oliver loves the independence he has found in walking.  Oliver can say a handful of words including: bye, car, ball, mama and dada.  Vivian, keeping with her "I will do it on my own time" is keeping her lips sealed for now.  She happy to just to babble and grin for now.  Oliver has become more independent in general but is still happy to cuddle especially when he's sleepy.  Vivian has become much more attached to Matt and I.  She's slower to warm up and plays shy for the first 15- 20 minutes of being put in a new environment with new faces.  But once she warms up she's one happy little girl.  They are both getting so much personality.  Vivian is still wearing some 6-9 month clothing but some 12 month clothing too.  Oliver is wearing 12 month clothing but quickly growing out of that size, fitting better into 18 month clothes.  Vivian has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom) and 3 new molars popping through, 2 on top and 1 on the bottom giving her a grand total of 11 teeth.  Oliver is holding strong with his 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom, a grand total of 8 teeth.  Vivian is wearing size 3 diapers and Oliver is still in a size 4.  On our home scale today, Oliver weighed 24.5 pounds and Vivian weighed 19 pounds.    Ok...enough of that, here are some pictures of what we've been up to.  
My first piggies!

Playing at the mall.

Playing with mommy and daddy's iPhone's...when do we get ours?

Oliver with crazy hair.

Playing with Ella at the Children's Museum for the first time.  

More swinging fun!

Watching Oliver swing in the shade.  

 Oliver likes to mow.

Matt and I at my friend Allison's wedding at the Chicago art museum.  

Lesley, Emily, myself, Lisa, Katie and my best college friends!

 What?  I'm not supposed to put Vivian in the cabinet?

Both babies love to sit in the dog bed and wear "ring necklaces", this is Vivian enjoying her turn.  

 When Vivian eats anything with sauce (on this particular day it was cheese sauce on broccoli) she likes to rub her hands through her gross and then we head straight to the bath.  

 Omer and Uncle Mark read bedtime stories to Vivian. 

Aunt Mindy reading Oliver his bedtime stories. 


Julia said...

Love the pigtails. Adorable!

Yes, cling and fight to those two naps for as long as possible! I finally threw in the towel a about a week ago. If they wake up super early I still try to do two naps, but mostly it's just one.

Your babies are so beautiful! I love seeing that our girls aren't the only ones that are into absolutely everything (including cabinets :))

Valarie said...

Vivian and Emily would get along really well. Emily did the whole thing where she rubbed sauce/ketchup/juice in her hair. Pretty gross but funny!

They are too cute!

Joyce said...

Those pictures got GeeGee chuckling! Love watching them grow and explore!

Pam said...

Such sweet babies & such great photos! They always make me smile! Hugs to V & O from Ireland!