Saturday, July 16, 2011

A quick hello...

Our new snack table...enjoying a snack on the 4th of July.  You notice who's underneath the table...yep, Zoe...she's never far from the possibility of a scrap falling to the floor. 

Enjoying the fireworks.  

One of the 6 fireworks we set off in the blazing heat.  We had to do our fireworks before the sun went down because the sun doesn't set until after 9...and our babies have been sleeping for hours by then!

 Enjoying the fireworks with Papaw, Gigi, Aunt A, and JoJo

Naked booties!  Anxiously awaiting the tub to fill...they love the bath!

One boy in a pink pool.  Notice the shampoo in the back ground...they had a hilly billy bath that evening!

Josephine loves to pour the water!  

Hey Mom!  Josephine has the double pour going on now!

1st trip to the zoo!  Both babies loves to see the animals and were very excited the polar bear came out!

 Enjoying the giraffes.  
Oliver hanging at the pool!

 Vivian taking a swim break...shoving in gold fish crackers in her bikini!

Enjoying the pool with Daddy.  (Vivian couldn't keep her top down so we decided she could go topless...this will not become a habit Miss V :)!)

Not much new to report...just enjoying our summer and the nice weather.  Oliver is VERY very close to walking.  He can walk about 6-8 feet in between Matt and I, totaling about 10 steps.  Vivian is content to walk behind her push toys, not quite brave enough yet to let go.  We are on night number 2 with no bottles.  The babies didn't even seem to notice.  Within about 5 days of dropping the first bottle after their 1st birthday we were down to just one bottle at night.  The anniversary of them coming home from the hospital was on July 14th (also our wedding anniversary), so I found it fitting this was their last night to have a bottle.  I'm pretty sure it was a bigger deal for me then it was for them.  In just a years time they have changed so much.  We worked so hard for both of them, Vivian in particular, to take a bottle I was kinda sad to see it go (not sad to stop washing all the bottle parts of the Dr. Brown the bottle, hated all the pieces parts...although, sippy cups seem to have just about as many parts these days!).  My babies are growing up...bitter sweet. 


Joyce said...

Growing up--oh, the places you'll go! Enjoy these long warm summer days! So fun to play--I'm sure these little ones will make the most of every moment!

Pam said...

Love the photos! V & O are getting so grown up - and starting - or close to starting for V - to take off on their own first brave steps! So many new adventures every day - fun memories ahead. Sweet, sweet babies.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to "meet" my "grand"nephew and niece, but love seeing their pictures. Enjoy the moments as they turn into years so little one is now 40 !!
Love to you all..
Aunt Kay