Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone survived...including me!

This past weekend Matt and I had our first trip away from the babies.  We went to Austin, Texas to help one of my bestest friends from college celebrate her wedding!  My mom stayed with the babies with help from her friend Joyce Anne, my dad, my sister and Grandma Pam!  Everyone survived!  We were supposed to be  home before bed on Sunday night but due to a flight delay which caused us to miss our connecting flight we weren't able to get home to shortly after 11 Sunday evening.  So I thought I wouldn't be able to see my beautiful smiling babies until Monday morning...wrong!  They were up "partying" from 2:45 to 5:15!  They have seriously never done that so as pleased as I was to see them, it was a bit of a long night and sleepy day for this mommy yesterday!   I have posted just a few pictures from our weekend and a video my sister sent me of the babies while we were away!
Allison, Lesley the bride, Lisa and myself

Stacey and Lesley are twin sisters!  

 Me, Colleen, Allison and Lisa
My wonderful husband and I

Since my kids weren't there I played with Lisa's adorable children, Avery and Wyatt...also known as the flower girl and the ring bearer! 


Joyce said...

Even after spending a whole weekend with these charmers, just can't get too much of them! The videos are darling. I can watch them over and over. Love Oliver's squealing practice and Vivian feeding herself...They make me smile every time! Love Amy's commentary of her video of Big and Little, too! Love, MOM

Joyce said...

p.s. You and Matt look great at the wedding...so glad you were able to go!

Mindy said...

Krista - You look beautiful in those wedding photos!!

Jordan said...

K, you look incredible!!!!! You could make some people really jealous by saying you just had twins 5 months ago!