Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday MOM!

So the real party was out in Colorado not too long ago because that's what my mom wished for...a family vacation. Really we were out there for my cousin's wedding but why not kill two bird with one stone. We had lots of family time and even went white water rafting! Where my mom, dad, and even Gordon fell out! But for the actual birthday we went to a little restaurant in Irvington called The Legend and had a tasty dinner. We sang Happy Birthday, as the entire room joined in and she blew out candles neatly placed on a brownie by ME! Hope you had a good one mom and here's to 40 more...at least!
Family photo!

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Joyce said...

Thanks to you and the whole family for making my birthday month so special. I had a blast! Love you lots. Love, MOM